8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher - Full HD

8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher - Full HD

8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher - Full HD

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PRO-MX-DVI84 8x4 DVI Matrix Switcher
This 8x4 matrix switcher with signal level adjustment can split, switch or cross switch eight signals in DVI format with a resolution up to WUXGA (1920x1200) to up to four DVI playback devices simultaneously and without any loss. Professional installations are more flexible and scalable with it. This Matrix switcher allows for control via Frontpanel, RS-232 or LAN/Ethernet.
With our HDTools products the flexibility for conncetions is being expanded significantly. The matrices can cross-switch DVI signals for up to eight inputs and four outputs.

Simple, Fast, Space-Saving
This HDTools Matrix switcher allows for managing eight DVI input signals and four DVI outputs through a single device. A quick, flexible and especially simple use and distribution of input and output signals is guaranteed. The three options for control via Frontpanel, RS-232 and Ethernet allow for perfect signal level adjustment over various transmission distances in combination with automatic signal amplification. The integrated EDID and HDCP management systems enable learning and transmission of the screens EDID and result in faster switching times and reliable and fail-safe transmission. The device is perfect for the use in conference rooms, home cinema systems and for Digital Signage systems. Distribution for a video wall is supported as well.

Uncompressed HD Formats
With our HDTools Matrix switchers, video and audio signals are being transmitted in perfect quality digitally and uncompressed. DVI signals with HDCP, 3D and DeepColor support up to a resolution of up to WUXGA (1920x1200) and unaltered digital audio signals up to 7.1 HD are being transmitted. Additionally, a permanent EDID can be deposited for every connected screen and within this the to-be-transmitted picture section can be defined.

Integrated Signal Amplifier
The continuously adjustable signal amplifier allows for a use of the matrix within a whole system and over great distances between source and switcher. Crystal clear images and ultra-pure sound are being transmitted without loss of quality to any output.

Always Up-to-Date
The integrated USB port within the matrix switcher allows for software updates by the user - new software can therefore always be implemented and update the device via laptop or PC. It is therefore prepared for the digital future and always up-to-date with the latest technological standard.

Convincing - even in the Details
The matrix switchers included in our HDTools Series are convincing in every detail, the devices profit from the optimisation for professional installations in known PureLink quality. With the screw-lock power supply and the possibility of firmware updates via USB, as well as transmission of RS-232 and Ethernet control signals, all precautions are taken for a professional use. The robust steel casing with optional installation into an AV rack simplifies the installation on location without any delays for installer and client.

For Professional Purposes and Installations
All HDTools products are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested a 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the products undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.
Transmission and cross-switching of DVI signals - Resolutions up to FullHD and WUXGA
Automatic signal level adjustment for longer distances
HDCP 1.4 compliant and 2.25 Gbps per channel bandwidth
Control via frontpanel, RS-232 and / or Ethernet
Integrated HDCP and EDID Management System - fast switching
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 0,00
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Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85437090990
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic/Paper
Input connector(s) 8x DVI, 1x RS-232, 1x Ethernet, 1x USB (Updates)
Output connector(s) 4x DVI
Power connector(s) 12V6.6A DC
Control connector(s) RS-232,  Ethernet, Frontpanel
Electric signal
Maximum pixel clock / bandwidth 2.25 Gbps / channel
Power supply max. 35 Watt
Power consumption 12V6.6A DC
Operating temperature 30°C or less
Humidity 60% or less
Enclosure Stahl
Dimensions 19" - 2RU
Signal transmission
Supported standards DVI,  RS-232, Ethernet, Cat, HDMI
Maximum resolution WUXGA, 1080p,  1080p 3D, backwards compatible
Further standards Audio: 7.1 (Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD) or Stereo
Safety CE, FCC
Colour Black
Delivery Content
1x PRO-MX-DVI84 8x4 Matrix Switcher
1x 12V6.6A PSU
1x User Manual
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