PureLink and AV Partner AS are proud to announce their partnership to establish distribution in Norway and promote the broad portfolio of ProAV products to the Scandinavian countries.
PureTools is the new product series made for professional AV architectures. With their 4K HDBaseT, Audio DSP and intelligent EDID management features, the PureTools PSW Presentation Switchers are in the category of the few top products existing on the market.
With these features still rare in the market, the new PureTools PT-PMS Series Seamless Presentation Switchers provide a versatile all in one solution, simple and easy control and connectivity and collaborative solutions to modern meetings with any devices in any-size spaces.
The compact Pure Tools 2x1 Soft Codec AV Switch PT-PSW-21C is a versatile teleconferencing tool for the nowadays so important decentral communication. Use the USB-C port to automatically charge your mobile device, or connect an external webcam.
For decades the professional AV has been dominated by the Matrix Switch. Since the development of products with SDVoE technology, the IPAV Pro series from PureLink has taken a pioneering role. All you need is only one tool for all AV applications. IPAV Pro is a complete family of form factors that replace every aspect of the matrix and offer interoperability through simple plug & play.
SurgeX develops solutions tailored to the needs of the AV industry.
The product range includes technologies for power protection, conditioning and power management. The effective single or rackmount devices offer AV companies maximum security and efficiency in power delivery. OneAV as PureLink Division provides service, logistics and technical support for existing and future SurgeX customers.
OneAV Business in A Box: At ISE 2020, Stand 1-N134 in Hall 1, the new CEO of the OneAV Group, Ronni Guggenheim, will present the new business model and present his strategic growth vision for smaller AV distributors. OneAV founders Christian Ahrens and Chris Pinder: "We are pleased to have Ronni on board".
One last afternoon by the sea, in the football stadium to my favourite team or go home for the last time - very humble wishes but sometimes unaccomplishable for terminally ill people. The North Rhine Westphalian Workers' Samaritan Foundation (ASB) makes these wishes come true. With their fully equipped ambulance car, the voluntary wish fulfillers bring people who do not have much time left once again to their places of longing.
Celebrating victories and appreciating our brands for their hard work is something we love doing here at OneAV. The CEPro BEST Awards celebrate the most noteworthy new products and technologies of the year. Let'a find out who they are and which products won over the judges.
With Maestro, HDfury applied for the CEDIA award for the first time and immediately won. With one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, HDfury is now in a league with big names like LG and Denon. HDfury's new hardware generation has convinced the jury with its cross-platform solution: Based on the HDBaseT standard, Maestro, Diva and Vertex² now HDMI devices from all manufacturers are compatible with each other.
Vertex² is made for AV purists: Any video and audio format is processed with perfection. Four HDMI inputs and two HDIM outputs handle 4K HDR formats at up to 18Gbps and automatically adapt to any signal. HDR and legacy screens can be used side by side.
New from HDfury, the expert for signal management: As the exclusive distributor, OneAV / PureLink GmbH offers the high-performance All-In-One 4K 18Gbps matrix solutions Maestro, Diva and Vertex². A wide range of features, many of which are unmatched in the market today, provide interoperability and functionalities not available in other devices.
Diva is the intelligent solution for interoperability between devices of all HDMI versions - for the creation of content, calibrators, streamers, digital entertainment centers, sports bars, UltraHD TV retail, trade shows, data centers, schools, conferences, home cinema applications and much more.
Diva is the first to convert HDR dynamic range to SDR with no visual loss. This makes the video signal compatible with any legacy screen without HDR. Game in 4K and stream in 1080p SDR. The web server offers convenient configuration options from any device and any browser.
The meeting culture and duration has many effects - on participants, costs and results. With the new collaboration and video conferencing solutions, working culture changes. As with most paradigm shifts, this evolution does not come without a few pain points and bumps along the road. This is perhaps the right time to re-evaluate the meeting ritual.
HDfury has been setting international standards in signal management and troubleshooting in AV installations for 12 years. With Maestro, HDfury now offers a solution for cross-platform collaboration. Based on the HDBaseT standard, HDMI devices by all manufacturers are now compatible with each other.
IPAV Pro Series with Blue River Chipset and Software API: PureLink has combined Semtech’s BlueRiver SDVoE technology with the new IPAV Pro products. The IPAV Pro Series combines the revolutionary 10GbE IP switching technology with a rugged and resilient aluminum chassis, designed specifically for the rental and staging industry.
With these features still rare in the market, the new PureTools PT-PMS Series Seamless Presentation Switchers provide a versatile all in one solution, simple and easy control and connectivity and collaborative solutions to modern meetings with any devices in any-size spaces.
Tidbit 2: What to do when a film crew suddenly appears on the stand? A little nervousness mixes with being happy about the interest. We have a solution for this, too. Nobody is better at PureLink developments than our technical director. Robin Cullen presents the FX-P350 HDMI 2.0 Optical Pigtail Extender fluently off the cuff.
OneAV is the first European specialist distributor for digital AV connectivity and signal management. Thanks to the expertise of our cooperation partners, we can offer you a truly unique range of products and services. This makes us one of the fastest growing technology distributors in Europe, with more and more international industry leaders joining our commitment to excellence.

That is why we are one of a kind among the 1,300 exhibitors at the world's leading trade fair ISE.
The IPAV Pro 10G-8X8F - Rugged PureLink Chassis, Netgear® Core Technology:
Riding on the success of The IPAV Pro series of 10G rugged SDVoE products, PureLink now brings a 10G Network switch that can not only handle the 10GBASET data load required by SDVoE, but also has the professional connections you expect.
Together with four other products using the Semtech chipset, the PureLink development IPAV Pro Series was part of an interoperability test held at Lang AG’s headquarters. A similar demo system will be exhibited on the Lang Booth on the ISE in Amsterdam.
SDVoE technology provides an end-to-end hardware and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and control through advanced chipset technology, common control APIs and interoperability. All AV distribution and processing applications that demand zero-latency, uncompromised video can benefit from.
10 years of fiber optic expertise pay off. Transmit uncompressed audio and video signals over distances of 1,000 meters over a single SC MultiMode fiber optic cable. The compact extender provides unlimited and absolutely reliable 18 Gbit/s bandwidth. The FX-P350 supports CEC, transparent EDID and HDCP. Plug and Play Power!
For decades professional AV has been dominated by one particular product, the Matrix Switch. Lately, its strongly held territory has come under attack. The IPAV Pro series is at the vanguard of this AV paradigm shift, providing a complete product family with uniquely suited tools designed to replace every aspect of the Matrix. The IPAV Pro Series is one of the hottest products not only of the ISE in Amsterdam but of the whole year 2019.
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