World First: Powerful 4K HDR over HDBaseT Solution HDfury Maestro


World First: Powerful 4K HDR over HDBaseT Solution HDfury Maestro

4K HDR over 100 m via HDBT - Now exclusively available from OneAV

The new point-to-point solution for 4K via HDBaseT enables AV transmission at up to 18Gbps and the simultaneous transmission of control and Ethernet signals via a Cat. 6A Ethernet cable. Only Maestro integrates a web server for external control. In addition, the transmitter and receiver each provide an OLED display for indicating input and output information (bit rate, color sub-sampling, etc.).

Most Powerful Signal Management

The transmission of 4K HDR at 18Gbps/600MHz via HDBaseT (Ethenet cable) has never been so powerful. Thanks to its interoperability and a multitude of special features, Maestro is suitable for a wide range of requirements ranging from IT integration, the equipment of show sites, schools, computer centres, the installation of conference technology to use for home cinema.


  • Unique solution that switches all sources automatically and provides a continuous 5V signal keeping the connected display in standby mode.

  • Provides the world's first HDMI audio output that extracts full sound from ARC/eARC and HDMI sources and sends it to any AVR input.

  • All setup information always in view and under control via OLED, On-Screen-Display, InfraRed, RS232, IP and webserver (Mac/Win/Linux/Android/iOS).

  • Support and perfect interaction of all existing HDMI devices, audio formats, video resolutions, HDCP revisions and HDR modes.

  • Optimize the Nit value and translate HLG to HDR.

  • You can replace, scale, convert, disable, integrate metadata and more - for workflow optimization, calibration - or just because you like it better.

HDfury Maestro 4K HDR over 100 m via HDBT - Exclusively from OneAV
Now Available!

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