PureTools - One PSW Presentation Switcher Replaces Three Devices

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Uncompromising Performance and Compactness for High-End Installations

The choice of the most suitable product depends from the room size and the complexity of required performance. Different video sources, seamless switching and integrated control are available for professional video presentations. Dynamic, intelligent EDID ensures conflict-free processing of different resolutions. Modular and scalable, the PureTools PSW Presentation Switcher architecture supports all professional configurations in only one device.

One Presentation Switcher Replaces Three Devices

Designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller meeting rooms or teaching podiums, a 4K Presentation Scaler Switcher supporting both, VGA and HDMI inputs, is a good solution. The PT-PSW-21 is an advanced and versatile HDBaseT tool for a range of (70m at 1080p). 

The PT-PSW-21 provides 4K support on HDMI and WUXGA support on VGA with full 4K scaling on the output. All signaling is transmitted over HDBaseT, effectively making this a multiformat transmitter that works with any HDBaseT receiver. With bi-directional IR, RS232 pass through, and smart EDID management, the PT-PSW-21 is perfectly equipped for always reliable signal transmission.

4K Multiformat Teleconferencing Scaler Switcher

The PT-PSW-42 converts a conference room to a fully functional teleconferencing suite. Designed for the signal distribution of different inputs to two mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs PT-PSW-42 provides numerous innovative functions and control options for professional media integration in conference rooms, collaboration environments, or lecture rooms.

Scaling the output content to 4K60Hz (4:2:0) or multiple resolutions up to 10.2Gbs makes this PureTools device a versatile and powerful transmitter / switcher scaler.  The PT-PSW-42 unleashes the full capability of HDBaseT sending 4K video, audio, Ethernet, control and PoH over distances up to 100m. A single, inexpensive CAT 6 cable puts HDBaseT's 5 play into action.

Its simple, intuitive Web-GUI enables full user control.  With six USB inputs to choose from, the user is given instant access to the room’s cameras, microphones and touch screens. Merely attach a USB cable from your laptop and the devices built-in hub takes over. Unique dual relays for activating AC powered devices such as projector screens, curtains and lighting, makes it truly singular.

4K Multiformat Seamless Scaler Switcher with HDBaseT

The PT-PSW-52 provides more functions than comparable products. Five multiformat video inputs, three mixable audio streams with pre-amplification and a mirrored HDBaseT output give the installer the flexibility to tackle a range of applications with a single SKU. Enables seamless direct switching between DP, VGA, MHL and two HDMI inputs on the input side equipped with autosense  to a choice of scaled output resolutions up to 1080p and WUXGA.

The PT-PSW-52 has a mirrored HDMI- and full PoH HDBaseT output and comes complete with an HDBaseT Receiver (PT-HDBT-701-RX) adding a range of up to 70m to the video signal. Supports 48V phantom power, dynamic and wireless MIC, as well as separate DP and VGA Audio embedding. A built in balanced audio extraction with volume adjust ensures flawless sound reproduction. A compact duo of Presentation Switcher and Receiver designed for installation in medium sized meeting rooms, classrooms and teaching podiums.

The simple yet intuitive Web GUI adds another level of control to its simple yet effective IR remote, and with a powerful OSD and CEC embedding the system can be up and running perfectly in minutes. Advanced control over IP is simple enables remotely configuring of settings and even installation of firmware. Remote upgrades limit on-site time and allow installers to perform maintenance remotely and out of hours.

The most Advanced HDBaseT Compatible Scaler in the Market:
9 x 2 Multiformat Presentation Switcher Set with HDBT Input

With the most advanced 18Gb input scaling on the market, the PT-PSW-92 is one of the few scalers to handle all available user sources while still supporting legacy display technology at your choice of fixed output resolution, as well as 4K support on a wide variety of video formats including HDMI, HDBaseT, DisplayPort and VGA plus audio.

PT-PSW-92 features advanced 4K UHD video scalability for all video inputs up to 4K@60 4:4:4., enhanced audio features, Mic/Line inputs and mixing, including a 40w 70V/100V constant voltage amplifier. With HDBaseT integrated on the output, this all-rounder can transmit video up to distances of 100m.

The simple yet intuitive Web GUI is all you need for user control. With its powerful OSD the system is up and running perfectly in minutes. Advanced control over IP is simple with ADMIN mode. Remotely configure settings and even install firmware independently from opening hours.

All PureTools Presentation Switcher models are designed for installation into professional racks or furniture. Their housings are ultra slim, light and compact. Where visible, elegant interface plates blend in the room design.


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