HDFury Diva: 4K HDMI with Integrated HDR to SDR Converter


HDfury Diva: HDMI Central with Integrated HDR to SDR Converter

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Integrators are faced with the problem of having to correct the colour results according to the dynamic range of the screens when equipped with displays of different specifications. The alternative would be to replace all SDR displays with 4K HDR monitors. For this reason, a more efficient solution is often sought. 

Diva provides four HDMI inputs capable of processing various 4K HDR formats at up to 18Gbps for each video and audio format used.

Diva always runs in matrix/scaler mode, ensuring optimal operation of the setup. The two HDMI outputs share the work: While one output always transmits the input resolution up to 4K HDR, the other output scales the signal down to the format of the display.

The configuration is easily accessible via the embedded web server and from any device using any web browser.


Diva Key Features

  • The first solution available that offers UltraHD HDR to FullHD SDR conversion.

  • Ambient Light support for up to 2 displays from any SDR/HDR/LLDV source via 3.5 mm LED control connector.

  •  Full HDMI 2.0b / 18Gbps Matrix Switching - Diva processes two 4K HDR signals simultaneously and scales them individually per channel with full 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 and HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

  • Three HDMI outputs: One output for loop-through or upscaling to UltraHD, second output for downscaling to 1080p SDR video (+ audio), third output specifically for audio extraction (video = black frame at 720p/1080p).

  • Full HDR/HLG/LLDV/DV/HDR10+ support with advanced HDR processing / support for all current audio formats.

  • Input Lag Tester for exact measurement of input delay.

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