Discover Maestro, Diva and Vertex²


Discover Maestro, Diva and Vertex²

4K HDR over 100 m via HDBaseT

Three All-In-One Solutions with Unique Features

All devices are equipped with Scaler, Matrix, Splitter, Switcher as well as HDCP converters and offer OLED, OSD, IR, IP, RS232, a system menu and web server for seamless control and integration.

Utilize the Hardware of Tomorrow Today

All devices include four inputs with the special TMDS switch developed by HDfury. The TMDS switch is currently the only switch available on the market that offers automatic switching of all sources transmitting +5V in standby mode.

All of them offer a unique dedicated Full HDMI audio output with full HDMI audio from any source and ARC/eARC sound extraction from TV apps and connected devices to Atmos HBR, from any ARC or eARC display. AA large number of integrated special functions round off the power package.

The configuration is easy to perform via the embedded, user-friendly web server which is accessible from any device by web browser.

Maestro is the world's most powerful HDBaseT solution for transmitting 4K HDR over distances of up to 100 metres.

Diva boasts two HDMI outputs, an integrated HDR to SDR converter, Ambient Light and a Lag tester.

Vertex² is a matrix with dual 4K 18Gbps output and the ability to physically separate all outputs via software.

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