CEDIA 2019: HDfury Maestro Won CEpro (Cedia Expo) 2019 Best Product Award


CEDIA Award 2019 for HDfury Maestro

4K HDR over 100 m via HDBT

"While all credits go to our Devs team who take AV hardware design at heart with a lovely passion, there is a few other people behind this success. Thanks to PureLink GmbH and their General Manager Christian Ahrens. They financially helped to make Maestro a reality by trusting our words and work and since as promised, we delivered the world best HDBT point to point solution out there, we are sure that they do not regret it ."

Most Powerful Signal Management

The new point-to-point solution for 4K via HDBaseT enables AV transmission at up to 18Gbps and the simultaneous transmission of control and Ethernet signals via a Cat. 6A Ethernet cable. Only Maestro integrates a web server for external control. In addition, the transmitter and receiver each provide an OLED display for indicating input and output information (bit rate, color sub-sampling, etc.).

The transmission of 4K HDR at 18Gbps/600MHz via HDBaseT (Ethenet cable) has never been so powerful. Thanks to its interoperability and a multitude of special features, Maestro is suitable for a wide range of requirements ranging from IT integration, the equipment of show sites, schools, computer centres, the installation of conference technology to use for home cinema.

Maestro Key Features

  • Unique solution that switches all sources automatically and provides a continuous 5V signal keeping the connected display in standby mode.

  • Provides the world's first HDMI audio output that extracts full sound from ARC/eARC and HDMI sources and sends it to any AVR input.

  • All setup information always in view and under control via OLED, On-Screen-Display, InfraRed, RS232, IP and webserver (Mac/Win/Linux/Android/iOS).

  • Support and perfect interaction of all existing HDMI devices, audio formats, video resolutions, HDCP revisions and HDR modes.

  • Optimize the Nit value and translate HLG to HDR.

  • You can replace, scale, convert, disable, integrate metadata and more - for workflow optimization, calibration - or just because you like it better.

The Winners’ products and technologies will be featured in the November issue of CE Pro magazine.

HDfury Maestro 4K HDR over 100 m via HDBT

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