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Bridging the Gap between AV and IT

The IPAV Pro Product Family for full AV IT Convergence per Plug & Play

“The SDVoE Alliance members bring a variety of perspectives that span the entire AV / IT spectrum. This is particularly true in the case of PureLink GmbH – they haven’t simply produced a generic enclosure, they have targeted specific Professional AV applications and produced a tool kit of products with unique form factors that suit a particular market need.”

Charles Dobson, Director Development, SDVoE

The last Stronghold of the Matrix has fallen: High Density I/O The only remaining feature of the proven matrix frame that still needed to be mastered was its high density of I/O; the ability to bundle multiple ports into a very small space. Previously, neither SDVoE nor other IP-based systems could achieve this. Most systems are based on individual housings that are not suitable for rack mounting.

A single unit is never smaller than half the rack size. This means that the most compact solution available is a maximum of two I/O ports per 1U. In order to achieve the I/O density of a standard 64 x 64 matrix (average 22 U size), a system developer would have to provide more than 32 U - in most cases a challenge and rarely practicable.

With the IPAV Pro Series, this hurdle has also been overcome. IPAV products are characterized by high density I/O with broadcast standard reliability.

The Form Factors of the IPAV Pro Series

Following the success of our IPAV Pro Rugged series for the rental & staging sector, we are now in the process of changing the commercial market too. With cross-platform touch control, either Cat. or fiber optic at all endpoints, fanless thermal management, 1G Ethernet access point at each node as well as free audio distribution, IR and RS232, the IPAV Pro Family provides the best solutions.

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