8K DisplayPort AOC Fiber Optic Cable – 70.00m

8K DisplayPort AOC Fiber Optic Cable – 70.00m

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The FiberX Active Optical DisplayPort 1.4 cables FX-I250 transmit uncompressed audio and video signals up to 8K@60Hz resolution over up to 100m distance.
This compact cable is designed for professional applications - it handles full 32.4 Gbps bandwidth (HBR3) with supreme 24/7 reliability while providing simple plug and play usability. It contains both fiber optic and copper cores, is lightweight, flexible and has an ultra-small bend radius of 48mm. With its advanced optical engine the DisplayPort hybrid cable provides full DisplayPort signal integrity and supports transparent EDID, HDCP up to v2.2 and DPCP, offering zero frame delay, no latency and no compression (DSC v1.2 supported). The cable is also capable of Multi Stream Transport (MST), allowing to daisy-chain multiple diplays with only one cable or via MST-Hub. The end user experience is that of a short high quality copper cable. Connect and perform.
FiberX AOC Cables Combine the Best of Copper and Fiber Technologies
The products included in the FiberX Series are ideal to transmit audio- and video-signals with a maximum bandwidth of 32.4Gbps via AOC hybrid fiber over great distances.
Limitations of pure fiber systems are being prevented.
The "integrated" AOC DisplayPort 1.4 via fiber hybrid cable FX-I250 included in our FiberX series enables lossless and uncompressed signal transmission of up to 32.4 Gbps.
This enables it to send content with a resolution of 8K@60Hz, i. e. UltraHD-II at 60fps.
The maximum range of this hybrid cable, consisting of glass fiber and copper strands, is 100 meters - completely lossless and with full EDID and HDCP (up to v2.2) / DPCP support.
With the supported MST technology (Multi Stream Transport), multiple independent video streams can be distributed via a single DisplayPort output. This allows multiple monitors with MST support to be cascaded, i.e. connected "in series". Alternatively, a so-called MST hub (also available here) can be used.
Thanks to the latest chipset, these "integrated" versions even transmit a digital audio signal.
The cable also features a minimal bending radius of only 48mm.

The Latest Technology
The integrated AOC Hybrid-DisplayPort via fiber optic cable FX-I250 offers some advantages over pure fiber optic solutions and is designed for DisplayPort (HDMI / DVI also available). Resolutions up to 8K / UltraHD-II / 4320p with 60Hz as well as 4K / UltraHD / 2160p with 144Hz (8bit) or 120Hz (10bit) over distances up to 100 meters are supported. The fiber / copper hybrid design supports EDID and HDCP (up to v2.2) and DPCP as well as digital audio signals.

Please note
The cable must not be connected to the wrong port - the ends are clearly marked. The successful connection to an HDMI adapter can not be guaranteed.

Pre-assembled lengths
The FX-I250 series is available in the lengths of 10m up to remarkable 100m, each with pre-assembled DisplayPort connectors on both sides.

For Professional Purposes and Installations
All FiberX products are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested a 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the products undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.

Features and Performance:
Active optical fiber transmission at full 32.4 Gbps bandwidth
8.1 Gbps / lane (HBR3) link rate
Resolutions up to 8K@60Hz 4:4:4 or 4K@144Hz (8bit) or 4K@120Hz (10bit)
DisplayPort 1.4 compliant
HDCP up to v2.2 compliant
DSC (Display Stream Compression) Version 1.2
Supports transparent EDID
Supports Multi Stream Transport (MST) technology
Zero frame delay, no latency, no compression
Hybrid construction, super lightweight, small bend radius, compact design
Kevlar reinforced sheath
Supports all DisplayPort audio formats
Easy Plug & Play installation
Metal housing for optimized EMI protection
DisplayPort version 1.4 – 32.4Gbps for resolutions up to 8K UltraHD-2 60Hz
Gold plated precision contacts
DisplayPort male to DisplayPort male, full-metal housing
Hybrid cable – Fiber for AV; copper for power and data, Ø 4.8mm
With EMI resistance, low attenuation, no external power supply required
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 2,42
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 3,00
Packaging 1. Weight in Kg 1
Product 1. Length in cm 30
Product 1. Width in cm 30
Product 1. Height in cm 5,8
Packaging 1. Length in cm 34
Packaging 1. Width in cm 33
Packaging 1. Height in cm 7,5
Master Carton Length in cm 39
Master Carton Width in cm 35
Master Carton Height in cm 36
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85176990000
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic/Paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 5
Connector material PVC
Contact material gold-plated
Connector 1 DisplayPort male (20pin)
Connector 2 DisplayPort male (20pin)
Contacts gold-plated
Electric signal
Standards Integrated Hybrid Fiber AOC
Digital video formats 8K / UltraHD-2 / 4320p @60Hz
Digital audio formats Digital audio support, formats device dependant
Type AOC round cable
Lenght 70,00m
Outer material Highly elastic PVC
Outer diameter 4.8mm
Power consumption via DisplayPort
Enclosure Metal / Plastics
Signal transmission
Supported standards DisplayPort 1.4 (HBR3), DSC 1.2, MST
Maximum resolution 8K@60Hz / 4K@144Hz (8bit)
Further standards Fiber / Copper Hybrid AOC
Safety CE, FCC
EMI / EMC 100% free of EMI
Colour black
Warranty 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Delivery Content
1x FX-I250 DisplayPort 1.4 AOC Fiber Hybrid-Cable 70.00m
1x User Manual DE/EN