HDTools 6x3 Presentation Switcher with Built-In 4x3 Audio Matrix Switching - Full HD

HDTools 6x3 Präsentations Switcher mit eingebautem 4x3 Audio Matrix Switching - Full HD

HDTools 6x3 Presentation Switcher with Built-In 4x3 Audio Matrix Switching - Full HD

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PRO-PS-6300S-A 6x3 Presentation Switcher with Auto-Scaling and Audio-Matrix
Our flexible and high-quality presentation and conference room solution!
The PRO-PS-6300S-A is an all-in-one presentation switch with six inputs, an audio matrix and a powerful scaler. The All-in-One Presentation Switcher and Hybrid Matrix Switcher PRO-PS-6300S from the HDTools series supports analog and digital video signals as well as unbalanced, analog stereo audio and Toslink S/PDIF digital audio signals and can also route up to six input signals to up to three different outputs.
This hybrid matrix switcher supports various signal types. The seamless switching technology ensures a delay-free channel change, while the audio insertion and extraction function allows an audio signal to be extracted or integrated.
Automatic scaling and versatile audio matrix routing
The PRO-PS-6300S-A is an all-in-one, high-performance presentation switcher, featuring a built-in scaling engine for up and downscaling of any video signal, as well as PIP (picture-in-picture) technology, allowing two video sources to be shown on one display simultaneously. Together with the outstanding seamless switching technology at every output, as well as user-friendly configuration and operation, the PRO-PS-6300S-A provides full flexibility and convenience in any multimedia presentation environment.

The new PRO-PS-6300S-A Presentation Switcher is a complete, high definition A/V signal-routing solution for simple conferencing environments, such as classrooms, boardrooms and video-conference rooms. This all-in-one presentation switcher combines multi-format inputs, video matrix routing and scaling, audio matrix routing, audio insertion/extraction capabilities, as well as A/D and D/A (analog to digital or vice versa) signal conversion, all in a single RU space enclosure.

Hybrid Matrix Switcher
The PRO-PS-6300S-A delivers high-performance, seamless switching of numerous digital and analog input sources to up to three display devices such as projectors and flat-panel displays. A total of six inputs are available including 4 x HDMI, 2 choices from DVI, VGA, and YPbPr video via DVI-U ports. The built-in balanced/unbalanced audio matrix router may be combined with any of the six video inputs to form a new HDMI signal with embedded audio. Available three independent outputs include 2x HDMI, 1x DVI, VGA or YPbPr video via DVI-U port.

Auto-Scaling with Seamless Switching
ThePRO-PS-6300S-A offers built-in auto-scaling on all the outputs as a standard feature - minimizing latency and providing seamless switching when multiple various display devices are used. With the scaling feature built-in, thePRO-PS-6300S-A eliminates the cost of individual outboard scalers and ensures the best resolution and picture quality on each display, regardless of which sources are routed.

ThePRO-PS-6300S-A offers PIP function for sharing two input signals on one screen.

Flexible Audio-Routing Capability
The PRO-PS-6300S-A adds tremendous audio-routing flexibility to the control environment, using a built-in 4x3 balanced/unbalanced audio matrix router. The four balanced/unbalanced audio inputs can be combined with any video source to produce a new HDMI output signal with embedded audio. The audio outputs can be configured among eight audio sources - 4x HDMI sources and 4x balanced/unbalanced audio sources. In addition, the audio from an HDMI source can be extracted from the digital stream and converted to an analog signal to feed a third-party processor, mixer or codec. The return signal feeds back through the analog input and can be embedded with any video source to produce a new HDMI output.

By utilizing a DVI-U port, the PRO-PS-6300S-A can support both digital and analog video signals for the input and/or output connections. DVI-U supports DVI, VGA, and YPbPr signal type, using an appropriate cable.
All-in-one device – matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital converter, amplifier, and audio DSP
Bi-directional 2K scaling with Don’t Blink Seamless Switching
4x3 built-in Balanced/Unbalanced Audio Matrix
PIP Image Insertion Technology
Advanced EDID management and RS-232/LAN control
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 2,18
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 2,58
Product 1. Length in cm 40
Product 1. Width in cm 18
Product 1. Height in cm 4,7
Packaging 1. Length in cm 51
Packaging 1. Width in cm 36,5
Packaging 1. Height in cm 13
Produkt Informationen
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85437090990
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic
VPE Informationen
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 1
Input connector(s) 4x HDMI, 2x DVI-I (DVI-U) | Audio: 4x 5-pin analogue (bal. / unbal.)
Output connector(s) 2x HDMI, 1x DVI-I (DVI-U) | Audio: 3x 5-pin analogue (bal. / unbal.), 1x digital S/PDIF
Power connector(s) DC 12V5A
Control connector(s) 1x RS232C, 1x USB (Firmware), 1x LAN
Electric signal
Power supply Max. 60W
Power consumption DC 12V5A
Operating temperature 0°C - 47°C
Storage temperature -40°C - 70°C
Humidity 0% - 90%
Enclosure Stahl
Dimensions 400 x 180 x 47 mm
Signal transmission
Maximum resolution Up to 1920 X 1200 @60Hz or 1080p@60Hz
Further standards HDMI 1.3, DVI 1.0
Safety CE, FCC
Colour Black
Delivery Content
1x PRO-PS6300S-A 6x3 Presentation Switcher
1x 12V5A Power-Supply
1x RS232C + 1x LAN cable
7x 5-pin Phoenix + 1x 3-pin Phoenix
1x Rack Mounting Ears + 1x User Manual
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