Active 4K High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel, 7.50m

Active 4K High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Channel, 7.50m

  • Artikel-Nr. S-HC100-075
  • EAN 4251364721056
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Sonero Premium Active 4K High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Sonero Premium active 4K High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet, for lossless AV transmission with perfect picture and sound quality
The 4K High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet from Sonero connects source and display devices with HDMI connector and is suitable for resolutions up to 4K / UltraHD / 2160p with 60Hz (4:4:4) including all HDMI 2.0a/b functions.
The precisely fitting connections with chrome-plated aluminium plugs feature gold-plated contacts and guarantee an optimal connection with maximum quality as well as permanent protection from corrosion.
The active cables are equipped with a powerful signal amplifier and therefore available in lengths up to 20.00m.
Active cable, HDMI-A male to HDMI-A male, UltraHD / 4K / 60Hz with 18Gbps for HDMI 2.0
Supporting the HDMI 2.0a/b specification including all features, this 4K High Speed HDMI cable transmits signals at 18Gbps for resolutions up to 4K / UltraHD / 2160p at 60Hz (4:4.4) including HDR formats.
The cable is compatible with all HDMI versions up to HDMI 2.0a/b and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications.
Due to their professional shielding, Sonero HDMI cables are optimally protected against interferences from cell phones and radio sources.
The HDMI cable is completed by high-quality, chrome-plated aluminum plugs and gold-plated contacts.
The flexible cable bend relief prevents exceeding the maximum bending radius as well as wearing out at the transition to the plug.
The integrated signal amplifier allows a loss-free transmission in up to 20.00m.

This HDMI cable supports all HDMI features up to HDMI version 2.0, such as the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC / HEAC) for downstream Internet transmission, e.g. for Smart TVs, as well as the Audio Return Channel (ARC) for upstream transmission of the audio signal, e.g. to an AV receiver. Control functions via Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) interface are also supported.
The full bandwidth of 18Gbps can be used to transmit 3D video and bitstream audio up to Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio.
The cable also offers HDR support, including HDR10, DolbyVision, etc. and HLG formats.

Sonero Premium Series
The Sonero Premium Series products make the daily work of technical professionals easier and allow home users to enjoy media without distraction.
With Sonero Premium, theres always a high-quality solution available, no matter what kind of connection youre looking for.
The extensive product range offers pristine transmission of audio, video and data and offers a selection of reasonable every-day accessories.
HDMI version 2.0 - 18Gbps for resolutions up to 4K UltraHD 60Hz incl. HDR
Gold plated pecision contacts, high-quality metal plugs, flexible bend relief, active signal amplifier
HDMI-A male to HDMI-A male
High purity copper conductors and triple shielding, outer diameter: 7.3mm PVC
Chrome-plated aluminum plugs guarantee an optimal connection with maximum transmission quality
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 0,47
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 0,47
Product 1. Length in cm 24
Product 1. Width in cm 21
Product 1. Height in cm 3
Packaging 1. Length in cm 33
Packaging 1. Width in cm 31
Packaging 1. Height in cm 0,00
Master Carton Length in cm 40
Master Carton Width in cm 30
Master Carton Height in cm 30
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85444290900
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic
VPE Informationen
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 20
Secondary Packaging Unit (pcs) 20
Contact material gold plated
Shielding Ja
Connector 1 HDMI Type A male (19pin)
Connector 2 HDMI Type A male (19pin)
Contacts gold plated
Electric signal
Type Round Cable
Lenght 7.5m
Inner conductor material High-purity copper
Outer material PVC
Outer diameter 7.3mm
Signal transmission
Supported standards High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
Transmission modes Digital audio and video signals
Supported Colors 16/24 bit RGB/YUV, Deep Color, x.v.Color™
Supported audio standards ARC, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, DVD Audio, SA-CD
Maximum resolution 4K / UltraHD / 2160p @60Hz, 8bit, 4:4:4 bzw. HDR
Further standards HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), 3D, HDCP, CEC, 4K2K (2160i/p), FullHD (1080i/p), HD ready (720i/p), SDTV (480i/p)
Safety CE (inkl. RoHS), FCC
Colour black
1x S-HC100-075 Sonero Premium Active 4K High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet, black, 7.50m