Solstice Pod SGE Enterprise - Small Group Edition (max. 4 User)

Solstice Pod SGE Enterprise - Small Group Edition (max. 4 User)

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Solstice Pod SGE Enterprise - Small Group Edition (max. 4 User)
Solstice by Mersive allows any number of users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets, and phones to any display - wirelessly.
Solstice by Mersive - Wireless collaboration in different configurations for different purposes
Current Solstice version: v4.0
Please find all release notes in the "Download" section in the right coloumn or on the respective manufacturers website.

Whats new in Solstice Pod Gen3 (ME-SP-8xxx) and Solstice 4.0
Solstice Ink -Meeting participants can markup on-screen content from anywhere in the room by simply pointing and drawing with their smartphone
Wired Input -This is not the traditional one-at-a-time input.The SmartSwitch feature virtualizes wired input allowing participants to share both wired and wireless sources simultaneously
Dual Display Support - The dual HDMI outputs provide three different sharing modes including mirroring, extended mode, and extended seamless mode for bezel less dual display configurations
PoE+ - This cost and complexity saver reduces the need for any additional cabling needed for a standalone additional power supply
True 4K Wireless Streaming - Beyond supporting 4K UHD displays, the Pod Gen3 allows users to wirelessly stream 4k UHD content
Expanded Language Support - Solstice now supports 16 total languages in product
Customizable Welcome Screen Instructions - Administrators can now customize the instructions on the Solstice welcome screen, including support for rich formatted text
USB-C output for connection to other collaboration systems (currently deactivated)

Solstice by Mersive is available in various basic configurations

Editions - "Normal" vs. Enterprise Edition
The suffix "-E" marks the so called Enterprise Edition which features additional functions.
- Central management dashboard for IT-structure administration
- 3 different types of moderation: open, closed or moderated
- Individualized splash-screens
- Emergency disply messages
- Central management of updates
- API for 3rd-party software
- etc.

Licenses - Unlimited vs. Small-Group
Using the Solstice software requires one of two avaliable licenses.
By using the Small-Group-Edition (SGE), up to 4 users can participate in one session.
If that is not enough, you can either directly order the "Unlimited" license or subsequently upgrade to "Unlimited".

Wireless Visual Collaboration - Any number of users, any type of content, from any device
Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and BYOD collaboration software for corporate, education, and government markets.

By removing the need for video cables and converters, Solstice improves meeting productivity and transforms traditional conference rooms and classrooms into collaborative, multi-user environments.
Users can connect, share, and control any display from their own devices using their existing network.
In addition, Solstice transforms enterprise displays into an IT-managed pixel-landscape through a centralized console (Enterprise Edition) that can be used to manage access, security, and capture analytics.

Mersives software unlocks display infrastructure to create affordable collaboration environments that foster interaction, facilitate decision-making, and cultivate creativity.

Logitech Collaboration Program
Enable users to start collaborating with Solstice the moment they walk into a meeting space and seamlessly invite remote participants to join via Skype for Business on the Logitech SmartDock.

Expand Solstice Content Sharing with "Skype for Business"
Simple to setup, simple to use. Logitech SmartDock provides a plug-and-play solution to expand Mersive Solstices in-room collaboration experience to remote participants with Skype for Business.
Enable users to start collaborating with Solstice the moment they walk into a meeting space and seamlessly invite remote participants to join via Skype for Business on the Logitech SmartDock.

Share unlimited content with Mersive Solstice Pod to unlock meeting productivity
- Allow any number of users to share and control any amount of meeting content
- Cross platform support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
- HD-quality video stream over the in-room WiFi

Add video collaboration to any room with Logitech SmartDock
- Securely mount Surface™ Pro in any conference room
- Start your Skype for Business meeting with one-touch join
- Add connectivity without clutter

Complete the experience with Logitech MeetUp
- All-in-one ConferenceCam with 120° field of view and integrated audio
- See everyone, even those close to the camera
- Compact design minimizes cabling and clutter

By combining Mersive Solstice with Skype for Business, you can finally unify in-room content sharing with remote video collaboration to make meetings more productive, no matter where participants are located.
BYOD – „Bring Your Own Device“ platform for an interactive collaboration in meetings / conferences
Enterprise Edition: Central Dashboard for management of the IT-structure, individualization, messaging, etc.
Client App available for all movbile devices with Android, iOS, OSX and Windows as well as for Apple and Windows PCs / Desktops / Laptops
Small-Group-Licence (SGE) for up to 4 users
Incl. 1pc Solstice Pod with Ethernet, USB 3.0 and 5VDC Power inputs and one HDMI-A output for display connection
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Packaging 1. Length in cm 20,3
Packaging 1. Width in cm 15,2
Packaging 1. Height in cm 10,1
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