mediahub - stainless steel table tank

mediahub - stainless steel table tank


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The icon of modern desk connector panels - Integrated technology, exquisite materials and easy to control
mediahub™ consists of 3 elements:
1. Enclosure (MHUB-ENC100 - On-Table or MHUB-ENC101 - In-Table)
2. Cartridge (MHUB-CART-TPR150 or MHUB-CART-SHD310)
3. Media Technology Device (MHUB-TPR-150CR or MHUB-SHD-310SM)

Here you receive:
mediahub™ enclosure for on-table installations, Colour: Anthracite
Symbiosis of design and technology
The contemporary use of digital media in conferences and meetings requires a flexible all-in-one solution for power, network and A/V connections.
mediahub™ by PureLink combines innovative technology with usability and a high-quality design.

The housing of the mediahub™ desk connector panels is made of high-quality wet-coated, brushed stainless steel from European production, is available in various high-quality versions and can be mounted flush with the tabletop (MHUB-ENC101 for in- table installation) or overlying (MHUB-ENC100 for on-table installation).
The smooth mechanism ensures a frustration-free opening and closing of the mediahub™ and thus perfectly adapts to a flexible office environment with varying requirements.

The perfectly manufactured, modular cartridge-system is upgradable and thus enables a scalable and highgrade multimedia interface integration of either a multiformat Presentation Switcher (MHUB-SHD-310SM) for centralized topologies or a daisy-chain, multiformat Presenter™ for decentralized AV structures. Both devices come from Luxi Electronics™ and are also available as stand-alone version.
This makes it possible to incorporate different power outlets for various EU countries in one housing and also replace them afterwards.
In all housing versions, two power outlets, a Cat.6 Ethernet connection as well as two USB-A fast charging ports with 2.1A are available.

All-in-one desk connector panel for universal power, Ethernet, A/V, USB and many more
Media technologiy available for decentralized daisy-chains (SHD-310SM) and centralized star-topologies (TPR-150CR)
Two housing versions for flush in-table (ENC101) and overlying on-table (ENC100) installations
Replaceable power outlets for DE / UK / CH / DK / universal, etc.
A variety of high-quality, wet-coated color versions: Steel-grey, champagne, alu-silver and anthracite
Smooth and frustration-free mechanism
Modular cartridge-system for scalable and upgradable AV installations
Included in any MHUB Cartridge: 2x USB fast charging ports, 1x Ethernet connection, 2x power outlets

mediahub™ consists of 3 elements: Enclosure (MHUB-ENC), Cartridge (MHUB-CART) and Media Technology (MHUB-SHD-310SM / MHUB-TPR-150CR).
The system will not work with only one or two of the components!
All three elements are crucial for mediahub™ to function properly.
mediahub™ consists of 3 elements: Enclosure (MHUB-ENC), Cartridge (MHUB-CART) and Media Technology (MHUB-SHD-310SM / MHUB-TPR-150CR)
By buying this article you receive 1pc Enclosure (MHUB-ENC) in the desired colour
Attention: This is not a complete mediahub™ table connector panel - Do not forget the cartridge and media technology
Model for on-table installations
mediahub™ is an "All-in-one" desk connector panel for power, Ethernet, A/V, etc.
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 2,80
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 3,08
Product 1. Length in cm 28,2
Product 1. Width in cm 12,5
Product 1. Height in cm 14,6
Packaging 1. Length in cm 24,4
Packaging 1. Width in cm 18,3
Packaging 1. Height in cm 13,3
Master Carton Length in cm 31,5
Master Carton Width in cm 27,4
Master Carton Height in cm 3,6
Produkt Informationen
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 73269098900
Country of Origin Tschechische Republik
Packaging Material Paper
VPE Informationen
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 60
Enclosure Steel, wet-coated
Dimensions 282,0 x 125,0 x 146,
Delivery Content
1x mediahub™ Enclosure MHUB-ENC100-A for On-Table Installation, Colour: Anthracite
1x User Manual
1x Installation Manual
1x Installaton Kit
1x Power Supply Cable