Huddle Hub One+ (EU) 

Huddle Hub One+ (EU) 

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Huddle Hub One+
Meet Huddle Hub One+
During collaborative meetings of small groups, typically everyone participates with his/her own device to take notes and share documents within the group itself or with remote participants. By leveraging those individual devices, "Huddle Hub One+" creates a radically new scenario, where everyone can collaborate and communicate using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets and smartphones. The One+ version also features an HDMI output for local monitors, USB connection for additional webcams, the ossibility to create a seperate WiFi network as well as mixed (WiFi + LAN) network connection possibilities.
Experiencing the own Virtual Huddle Room
Virtual Huddle Room
Teamwork is crucial in modern organizations of every size. The Huddle Hub product family gives you the flexibility of collaborating and communicating in every space of your company - offices, open spaces, or even lounges - without the need of dedicated rooms, large displays, wide angle and PTZ cameras or wireless presentation tools.

Device-to-Device Wireless Presentation
By connecting your wireless device to Huddle Hub One+, you can share your screen directly to the screen of all the other connected participants (Content Mirroring). No matter where you are in your company, with Huddle Hub One+ you can make a presentation with no other videoquipment needed. Switching from one presenter to another is as simple as clicking - or tapping - on the screen.

Multicam feed for UC clients
Through Huddle Hub One+, you can connect up to six wireless devices and transform them into a multi-camera collaboration solution requiring no other video equipment. Huddle Hub One+ combines the video streams captured by the individual cameras into a single one, and sends it to the remote room through your favorite video-conferencing software.

Further advantages of this "One+" version
In comparison to its "little brother", this "Huddle Hub One+" has some additional features for more professional use cases. The featured USB port allows the integration of an USB webcam to integrate its video stream into the device multicam output. The "One+" also has an HDMI output to show presentations on a large display.
The connectivity options have also been increased for the "One+" version: An onboard WiFi port allows the connection via a dedicated network for a LAN independent connection. The One+ also offers the possibility for mixed network connections, using the LAN as well as the WiFi connection at the same time.

Presenter OS: Windows® 7 or higher, MacOS® 10.11 or higher, Android® 5 or higher
Viewer OS: Windows® 7 or higher, MacOS® 10.11 or higher iOS® 10 or higher, Android® 5 or higher
UC software clients: Skype™, Skype for Business™, Hangouts™, WebEx™, Zoom™, Cisco Spark™, GoToMeeting™, Slack™, etc.

At a glance:
- Content Mirroring on any connected mobile device - No physical conference room is required
- Up to 4 seperate "Huddle Rooms" from one single Huddle Hub (Max. 1 room with cameras)
- Max. 30 clients / 6 webcams per Huddle Hub
- No license-based model - Buy the hardware and use it without limitations
- Moderator functions, e. g. for management purposes, stream interruptions, etc.
- Visually lossless A/V compression without latency
- "Display-to-Display" transmission connectsseveral "Huddle Rooms"
- Web-UI control options via browser
- HDMI output (incl. HDCP) for local monitors (only Huddle Hub One+)
- USB2.0/3.0 connectivity (only Huddle Hub One+)
- 2x Wi-Fi antenna (2.4 / 5 GHz) for perfect connectivity incl. WPA2-PSK encyption (only Huddle Hub One+)
- Dual network mode for a secure separation of company and guest networks(only Huddle Hub One+)

New functions of version 2 (June 2018):
- Browser-based "viewer" streams the conference content to further devices / IP-adresses
- Integration of iOS as presenting device
- Download of the client directly from the Hub (no internet connection required)
- Customization of the Splash-Screen
- Transmission of the audio-stream, e. g. for Discord, etc.
Device-to-device wireless presentation as well as "Content Mirroring" via multi-screen videoconferencing software of choice incl. virtual "Huddle Room" (TV or external monitor is not required), TV output and Multi-Camera Videoconferencing
Company network connection via LAN to provide WiFi access point (WAP) incl. AES128 content encryption as well as secure sessions using C37 randomly generated pass codes and incl. "mixed network" mode for a secure separation between company and guest netw
Customizable output layouts, generated by the multicam system
Mouse cursor transmission to viewers’ screens
Browser based management and USB webcam input, compatible with all Windows, MacOS, Android, etc. versions, perfect for Skype™, Skype for Business™, Hangouts™, WebEx™, Zoom™, Cisco Spark™, GoToMeeting™, Slack™, etc.
Logistics Information
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Produkt Informationen
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85176910000
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Paper
Input connector(s) 1x Network (IP, RJ45), 1x USB 3.0/2.0 (Webcam), 2x Antenna
Output connector(s) 1x HDMI-A
Power connector(s) 1x 12V DC
Control connector(s) 1x "Restore"-Button
Electric signal
Maximum pixel clock / bandwidth WiFi: max. 1080p@30fps | Multicam: max. 720p@30fps
Power consumption 12V DC
Operating temperature 0°C - +40°C
Storage temperature -20°C - +60°C
Enclosure Aluminium
Dimensions 160 x 132 x 51 mm
Signal transmission
Supported standards Windows®, MacOS®, iOS®, Android®, Skype™, Skype for Business™, Hangouts™, WebEx™, Zoom™, Cisco Spark™, GoToMeeting™, Slack™
Transmission modes 1G LAN, WiFi (IEEE 802.11, 2.4/5 GHz), HDMI
Further standards AES 128, WPA2-PSK, IEEE 802.11 ac/a b g n 2.4/5 GHz, VESA-mount (brackets included), USB
Safety CE
Colour black / grey
Delivery Content
1x HRT-PHHOPLS0003 Huddle Hub One+
1x 12V PSU
1x Mounting Kit for Tabletops or VESA