Dr. HDMI - 2K HDMI Communicator

Dr. HDMI - 2K HDMI Communicator

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HDFury - Professional A/V products for intense applications
HDFury HDF0060-1 "Dr. HDMI" - HDMI EDID manager / emulator, solves handshake problems, 5V HDMI repeater, programmable
HDFury Solves Common A/V Installation Problems
Two for the price of one - Here comes the "Doctor" for EDID incompatibilities!
The "Dr. HDMI" from HDFury combines two products. As EDID-Mmanager it solves all handshake problems of HDMI connections, as it only forwards the desired EDID data to the source device, thus avoiding compatibility problems. In addition, Dr. HDMI serves as a repeater and thus extends the range of an HDMI connection to up to 50 meters. The integrated USB port serves as a data connection for firmware updates and also as power supply.

Dr. HDMI helps solving HDMI problems, such as handshake between 2 devices as well as other compatibility or EDID problems.
The unit continuously sends a signal to your screen, preventing the screen from going into standby mode after a short time.

Dr. HDMI also serves as EDID manager, HDMI/DVI-D emulator and signal amplifier / repeater.
In addition, Dr. HDMI amplifies the signal quality in an HDMI or DVI connection with a 5V signal.
For example, it can extend the compatibility range with other HDFury products, such as the HDFury "Nano GX".
This increases compatibility with older monitors or projectors.

With Dr. HDMI, you can decide for yourself which resolution is to be displayed on your screen.

It has 5 pre-programmed resolutions, 2 individual user-programmable resolutions and an automatic resolution generated from the signal source.
EDID communicator between 1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output
Supports HDMI 1.4a for resolutions up to WUXGA 1920x1200
Solves 2K handshake problems, EDID management, HDMI and DVI emulator
Signal amplification up to 50m with +5V injection for active HDMI cables
Pre-defined und individual EDID presets via push button
Logistik Informationen
Produkt 1. Gewicht (Netto Kg) 0,03
Produkt 1. Gewicht (Brutto Kg) 0,23
Produkt 1. Größe (Länge cm) 0,6
Produkt 1. Größe (Breite cm) 0,4
Produkt 1. Größe (Höhe cm) 0,2
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Länge cm) 1,6
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Breite cm) 1,1
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Höhe cm) 0,5
VPE 1. Größe (Länge cm) 41,7
VPE 1. Größe (Breite cm) 35,9
VPE 1. Größe (Höhe cm) 36,9
Produkt Informationen
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85437090990
Ursprungsland China
Verpackungsmaterial Plastic/Paper
VPE Informationen
Verpackungseinheit (VPE) 50
Umverpackungseinheit 1. 1
Elektrische Signale
Max. Übertragungsrate 225MHz
Max. Bandbreite 2.25 Gbps
Digitale Videoformate Max. WUXGA (1920x1200) / 2K or 1080p@60 / FullHD
Digitale Audioformate Audio-Return-Channel (HEC), Dolby Digital Plus etc
Mechanische Daten
Stromverbrauch 5V DC via USB-C
Gehäuse PVC
Außenmaß 60 x 40 x 20 mm
Unterstützte Standards HDMI 1.4a, EDID, HDCP, USB, CEC
Unterstützte Farbräume 12bit Deep Color,x.v.Color, etc.
Unterstützte Audiostandards All standards via HDMI input incl. Dolby True HD & DTS Master Audio
Max. Auflösung 1080p @60Hz, 12bit
Sicherheit CE, FCC, WEEE
Farbe black
1x HDFury Doctor HDMI
1x USB Cable