Edge ultra thin fixed frame screen, 233.7cm (92"), 203.7x114.6cm, 16:9

Edge ultra thin fixed frame screen, 233.7cm (92"), 203.7x114.6cm, 16:9

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Edge Ultra Thin Fixed Frame Screen, 233,7 cm (92"), 203,7 x 114,6 cm, 16:9
Since projection technology has been enhanced to include functions such as keystone correction and focus adjustment, the ability to project an image onto a precisely dimensioned surface is now standard. This eliminates the need for a wide black bezel around the screen to effectively absorb offset projections. The Edge series is distinctive for its design and just 12mm thin frame. For a maximum area of view with a minimum space needed for the projection screen on the wall.
Projection Screens from GrandView - Reliable Quality from one of the Global Leaders
Grandview - Edge Ultra Thin Fixed Frame Screen

Diagonal projection area: 233,7 cm (92")
Visible format: 203,7 x 114,6 cm
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Material: WB7
Gain-Factor: 1.0
Viewing angle max. 160°
Colour: matte white, 1,2cm frame

Grandview is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of projection screens.
With over 30 patented technical features, Grandview has created high added value for its products. The dedication to innovative projection screens and their commitment to design and technology enables Grandview to offer aesthetic quality products with high technical standards.

Grandviews complete product ranges offer a broad selection of manual and motorised screens. In addition to a variety of formats, the range also includes high-contrast screens with ALR coating, writable projection screens and accessories such as projector ceiling lifts for every professional application.
Diagonal projection area: 233,7cm (92") - Visible format: 203,7x114,6cm - Aspect ratio: 16:9
The Edge Series looks like a giant LED TV - The distance between screen and wall is just 6.5mm, much less than the average wall distance of LED TVs
Taking advantage of the mature fabric tension system, the screen is flat as a mirror after installation
Features such as keystone correction and focus adjustment have made thick black edges obsolete to absorb offset projections, thus the "Edge" frame only measures 12mm in width
Durable fabric with a white front and a black back - Viewing angle of 160° with a Gain-Factor of 1.0
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Produkt 1. Gewicht (Netto Kg) 6,50
Produkt 1. Gewicht (Brutto Kg) 8,80
Verpackungsgewicht 1. (Kg) 2
Produkt 1. Größe (Länge cm) 206,
Produkt 1. Größe (Breite cm) 117
Produkt 1. Größe (Höhe cm) 3,1
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Länge cm) 129
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Breite cm) 25,7
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Höhe cm) 20,7
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Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 90106000000
Ursprungsland China
Verpackungsmaterial Paper
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Verpackungseinheit (VPE) 1
Sicherheit CE, FCC
Farbe black
1x GV-PE-G92-WB7-R1 - Edge Ultra Thin Fixed Frame Screen, 233,7 cm (92"), 203,7 x 114,6 cm, 16:9
4x wall bracket incl. 2x 4pcs corner pieces
12x set tapping screw & -anchor (M5x18)
1x set of screws (40x M6x8, 32x M6) and accessories
1x User Manual
Dokumente "Edge ultra thin fixed frame screen, 233.7cm (92"), 203.7x114.6cm, 16:9"