Premium Active USB v2.0 USB-A / USB-B Cable – 15.00m

Premium Active USB v2.0 USB-A / USB-B Cable – 15.00m

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  • EAN 4251364716069
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Active USB 2.0 Repeater Cable, USB-A male to USB-B male
This USB 2.0 repeater cable is an active USB extension cable, featuring a USB-A male connector and a USB-B connector on the other side, that extends the distance between the USB device and the computer to over ten meters. Unlike ordinary USB extension cables, this active USB repeater cable assures a consistent signal quality and maintains electrical and timing specifications, always being in full compliance with the USB 2.0 / 1.1 standard.
PureLink DataSeries - Data Cables for Professional Applications and Installations
The active Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable is a crucial accessory for PC and Mac users to transmit the signals of USB peripherals such as hard drives, printers, mice, keyboards and USB hubs to locations behind the desk or across the room.
The active cable powers the integrated amplification chipset to ensure consistent Hi-Speed USB 2.0 performance over longer distances than a normal USB cable.
The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors and extremely dense foil & braid shielding ensures error-free data transmission and perfect EMI protection.

Product features:
- Extends and amplifies a USB signal - supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps
- Integrated chipset with repeater function maintains USB 2.0 signal quality and specifications
- Allows USB 2.0 connections beyond the 5m limit - Ideal for connecting remote USB printers and other USB-B devices
- Plug&Play, Windows and Mac compatible, no external power supply required

Possible USB-A / USB-B devices:
- Printers, label printers, copiers, scanners, multifunction devices
- External hard drives (HDD / SSD), hard drive docks
- USB hubs, splitters, switchers
- Docking stations
- KVM switches
- NAS (Network Attached Storage)
- etc.
USB 2.0 – 480Mbps data transmission
Gold plated precision contacts
USB-A male to USB-B male with PureLink APO™
High purity copper conductors and dual shielding, AWG26
Power transmission with max. power output 0.5A / 5V / 2.5W
Logistik Informationen
Produkt 1. Gewicht (Netto Kg) 0,54
Produkt 1. Gewicht (Brutto Kg) 0,67
Produkt 1. Größe (Länge cm) 21,5
Produkt 1. Größe (Breite cm) 17
Produkt 1. Größe (Höhe cm) 5,5
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Länge cm) 22
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Breite cm) 20
Verpackungsgröße 1. (Höhe cm) 6,3
VPE 1. Größe (Länge cm) 43
VPE 1. Größe (Breite cm) 25
VPE 1. Größe (Höhe cm) 35,5
Produkt Informationen
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 84718000000
Ursprungsland Taiwan
Verpackungsmaterial Paper
VPE Informationen
Verpackungseinheit (VPE) 10
Kontaktmaterial 24ct. gold-plated
Schirmung Ja
Anschluss 1 USB-A male
Anschluss 2 USB-B male
Kontakte 24ct. gold-plated
Elektrische Signale
Standards USB 2.0
Typ Round Cable
Länge 15.0m
Material Innenleiter Copper
Material Außenmantel PVC
Durchmesser Außenmantel ca. 5.0mm
Mechanische Daten
Betriebstemperatur 0°C - 70°C
Lagertemperatur -55°C - 150°C
Unterstützte Standards Hi-Speed USB
Sicherheit CE, FCC
Farbe black
Garantie 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
1x DS2000-150 USB 2.0 Cable, 15.0m
1x User Manual
Dokumente "Premium Active USB v2.0 USB-A / USB-B Cable – 15.00m"