Presenter™ - 2K Multiformat Daisy Chain Transmitter with Scaler

Presenter™ - 2K Multiformat Daisy Chain Transmitter with Scaler

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Luxi LU-TPR-150CR Multiformat Transmitter Unit
Revolutionary and applied for patent - the multiformat transmitter!
With this LU-TPR-150CR multiformat transmitter unit included in the Luxi Presenter Series an AV signal can be transmitted to the receiver unit via a Cat.6 cable, with the user having the choice between HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA (including audio). Together with a sender from the series, it is a flexible replacement for several switcher, splitters or matrices. Thanks to the possibility of cascading, multiple senders and receivers and the decentralised distribution system, the signal can be transmitted over unlimited distances and into different directions. The integrated scaler guarantees unaltered transmission to any screen.
With the for patent applied Presenter™ products by LuxiElectronics™, central junctions are being replaced by a decentralised and scalable Daisy Chain system. Multiple problems of todays AV installations are being solved with just two devices (sender and receiver).

Daisy Chain Cascading Instead of Star Topology
Instead of a classic, centralised structure, Luxi Presenters™ use a flexible, scalable and decentralised distribution system. While P2P connections via HDBaseT or Single Cat are not arbitrarily expandable or reducible, this system allows for easy and fast adjustment thanks to cascading multiple Presenter™ senders and receivers and a Cat.6 cable: On the senders side, the source device is being connected, its AV signal is then converted and forwarded to the receiver via the Cat cable. The receiver then converts the Cat signal back to a normal AV signal for the respective port. If more sources or sinks are needed in this system, additional senders and receivers can be integrated in the Cat signal path.

Different Models for Different Applications
The Luxi Presenter™ Series offers two models with different equipment. Alongside a plain HDMI version, which is only equipped with a HDMI input on the senders side and an output on the receivers side, a multiformat version is also offered, which supports DisplayPort and VGA (incl. audio) alongside HDMI. The multiformat model is provided with an integrated scaler and therefore allows for distribution of any output formats in unaltered form to all screen formats within a system. Both models are compatible among each other and usable in the same system.

Central Control
The RS-232 port in every unit allows for controlling the entire system from a single spot. Furthermore additional RS-232 control devices can be integrated into the Daisy Chain installation at any point. The bidirectional Ethernet port in every unit offers internet access within the whole system, which can also be centrally controlled. The signal can be both fed into and extracted from the system on senders or receivers side.

Uncompressed and Fast
The transmission between units of the Luxi Presenters™ is uncompressed and with a high bandwidth of up to 18GB/s with 6 feeds, while maximum 9 GB/s are available per feed. Maximum resolutions of WUXGA at 60Hz, 4K/UltrHD at 30Hz respectively can be reached (1600x1200@60Hz/4K2K@30Hz). All digital audio signals are being transmitted uncompressed, even DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The uncompressed transmission comes about without noticeable distribution delay for both audio and video.

A lot of AV installations can be expanded or reduced subsequently thanks to the foresight of the installer, but rarely indefinitely and only with lots of effort. Time and effort are being immensely reduced with Luxi Presenter™ installations. The system is indefinitely expandable by any number of senders and receivers and only requires two simple Cat.6 cables between two units. An additional power supply is only needed per set, consisting of two or four devices (depending on the model), a power supply can therefore supply four or two units via "PoE" or "PoC" (Power over Ethernet /Cable).

The "Show Me" Button
The "Show Me" button is meant for a simple and unproblematic signal distribution. It can be found on every sender which is connected to the source feeder. If it is pushed, the signal from the Presenter™ sender appears on the screen which is connected to the respective Presenter™ receiver. The sending units of the HDMI version additionally offer a bipolar Phoenix input for plugging in an external "Show Me" button which can transmit decentralized from the sender. The senders of the multiformat version are even equipped with a three-pole Phoenix port for up to three external "Show Me" buttons, which can each control one signal format (HDMI, DP or VGA). Two different input signals connected to a sender can be transmitted individually with just one push of a button.

Distance of Transmission on Long Range
Between the single senders and receivers, a maximum 33 meter cable length is possible. Every complicated installation problem is therefore solved quickly with just one Cat cable.

The Perfect Solution with the Help of Accessories
Luxi Electronics™ offers various accessories for their Presenter™ Series. With its installation set for an installation under the table, the Presenter™ units can easily become invisible under the table. Furthermore, power supplies are being offered. These are not included in the scope of supply because not every unit in the system needs a separate power supply, just every set of two, respectively four units.

For Professional Installations and Applications
All Luxi Presenter™ models with steel casing have been developed to fit the 19" AV rack. The HDMI models each occupy a height unit (1 HU /??)and 1/4 width, the multiformat models occupy the same width and height but they are longer and therefore protrude further into the rack. All devices are suitable for installation under a table and the units can be installed invisibly. An installation on or above a projector is no problem.

Luxi™ Presenter™ - Revolutionary in Every Way
Luxi Electronics developed this new multi source and multi screen AV system technology with an IC chip set of their own, novel communication protocols and uncompressed 18 Gbps connection speed which cannot yet be supported by current HDMI via Cat Point-to-Point solutions. With just two products, cable installations are being simplified and can bridge much greater distances thanks to the Daisy Chain cascading of additional sender and receiver units.
Distribution of HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and audio signals to the Presenter™ receivers
Replaces centralized AV installations with a decentralized, scalable daisy chain system
Uncompressed signal up to 2K FullHD 60Hz, cascadable
Only one Cat.6 cable between two adjacent units needed (max. 18m at 1080p, max. 36m at 720p)
Up- and downscaler, PoC function, Ethernet hub, RS232 input, “Show Me” control button
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 0,40
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 0,40
Product 1. Length in cm 10,9
Product 1. Width in cm 15,2
Product 1. Height in cm 2,5
Packaging 1. Length in cm 11
Packaging 1. Width in cm 13
Packaging 1. Height in cm 0,00
Master Carton Length in cm 70
Master Carton Width in cm 37
Master Carton Height in cm 45
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85437090990
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic/Paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 20
Secondary Packaging Unit (pcs) 1
Electric signal
Delivery Content
1x LU-TPR-150CR Transmitter
1x User manual
2x 2-Pin Phoenix terminal
1x 3-Pin Phoenix terminal