OneAV and SurgeX agree Distribution Partnership


Distribution Partnership in the Heart of Europe

SurgeX offers one of the best surge protection and power management solutions on the market

“Choosing to partner with SurgeX was an easy choice for us,” said Stephan Sloot, Sales Director at PureLink. “We are excited to co-operate with SurgeX. Their product line is held in high regard and market leader for many years going beyond power protection and truly addresses all aspects of power quality and ensures the installations of our customers are operating at peak performance and will not be affected by power issues. It is the uniqueness of OneAV that is attracting  some of the world’s most leading edge technology companies to OneAV’s growing catalogue of brands.”

Through its distribution division OneAV, PureLink GmbH takes over the exclusive distribution partnership for the DACH region with immediate effect. PureLink has also been appointed Master Distribution Partner for the whole of Europe and offers service, logistics and technical support for SurgeX products via OneAV.

SurgeX Power Management and Surge Protection

AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection is in the business of helping customers mitigate, manage, and prevent power quality issues that negatively affect their business. For over 30 years, our purpose has been to develop new and innovative approaches for the ESP and SurgeX brands that improve the success of our customers and the satisfaction of their clients.

AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electro-mechanical devices with annualized sales of more than $4.7 billion.

For almost 25 years SurgeX has been in the business of helping its customers proactively mitigate, manage and prevent power quality issues that negatively affect their businesses. SurgeX is the only power protection company to offer complete Surge Elimination, eliminating all surges without producing harmful side effects such as let through voltage or earth contamination which can be detrimental to AV equipment. In addition, SurgeX features a full suite of products to address all needs of power quality, from diagnostics to Uninterruptible Power Supplies to power management, monitoring and control.

“I’m really looking forward to working with what is an experienced and leading partner in PureLink,” said Justin Peyton, Sales Director EMEA for SurgeX. “I have watched and respected the work they have done and t will spearhead our efforts together with our team in Europe.They will critically provide immediate accessibility of our products with stocks and support for all European partners”.





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